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How to Apply for Reinstatement


I. The Reinstatement Process

            Most exclusions are imposed for a definite time period. The question for an excluded individual or entity is: What happens at the end of the exclusion period?

       The answer is that the excluded individual or entity must apply for reinstatement. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will NOT automatically reinstate the person or entity at the end of the exclusion period.

            An excluded provider may apply for reinstatement 90 days before the date specified on his, her, or its exclusion notice letter. To apply for reinstatement the excluded individual or entity must send a written request to:

Attn: Exclusions
P.O. Box 23871
Washington, DC 20026
(202) 691-2298 (Fax)

          The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) will send the provider Statement and Authorization forms to complete, notarize, and return. OIG will review these forms and will send the provider a written notification of its final decision. This process may take 120 days or longer to complete.

II. Denial of Reinstatement

            If the application for reinstatement is denied, the excluded individual or entity may submit evidence and a written argument against the continued exclusion; a written request to present written evidence and oral argument to an OIG official; or documentary evidence and a written request to present oral argument.[1] The evidence, written argument, or written request for a hearing must be submitted 30 days after the provider receives the written notice of OIG’s final decision.[2]

            After reviewing the materials (or after the 30-day period, if no materials are submitted), OIG will send the provider written notice either confirming the denial or approving the request for reinstatement.[3] If OIG confirms its decision to deny reinstatement, the decision will not be subject to administrative or judicial review and the provider must wait at least one year to submit another request for reinstatement.[4]

 Ashley Hudson 

Ashley Hudson, Associate Attorney at Liles Parker, LLP and former Chief Operating Officer for Exclusion Screening, LLC, is the author of this article. Feel free to contact us at 1-800-294-0952 or online for a free consultation.

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