Hotline and Compliance News

Auditing a Compliance Hotline Provider

Under the Affordable Care Act, medical service providers must establish compliance programs to enroll in the Federal health care programs. HHS has neither issued regulations on the core requirements of these compliance plans nor set a date for mandatory compliance. Providers, however, should consider adopting a compliance hotline program prior to the mandate not only because a […]

Why Timeliness Matters: From Hotline Tip Identification to Provider Case Closure

ComplianceHotline – Best Practices ComplianceHotline delivers reports to its clients one business day after it receives a call or e-mail from a complainant. What happens after the information is transferred is really up to a provider’s discretion. Best practices include following up with the complainant—if he or she provided contact information—or conducting an internal investigation. […]

Anonymous Compliance Hotline Reports – Friend or Foe?

In the compliance world, anonymous tip lines are touted as a simple and effective method to ensure that providers receive pertinent information about wrongdoing within their offices.  Compliance professionals, however, have divided opinions about the trustworthiness of anonymous compliance hotline reports. An argument in favor of an anonymous reporting option is that it provides an […]

Why Do I Need a Compliance Hotline?

One of the seven steps to an effective compliance plan is to develop effective lines of communication. While it is important to foster open lines of communication within your practice, many employees may fear retribution. Hence, they may feel more comfortable reporting complaints anonymously or at least to a third party vendor. Fortunately, providing an […]