terms of Service

This Compliance Hotline reporting is not intended for life threatening or emergency issues. Please contact your local emergency services for any immediate, emergency situations.

Compliance Hotline and its clients take the reported through this system as truthful and matters of serious importance. Please make your report accurate and truthful to assist in the review and remediation of the incident reported. Do not intentionally include false or misleading information in your report. The intentional reporting of false or misleading information may result in civil or criminal liability.

Compliance Hotline, along with its clients, and the Hotline reporting system uses several methods, procedures to receive, and process information relating to alleged compliance, ethics, human resource, safety of personnel, including employees, customers or related parties, or other potential violations. Unless you voluntarily are willing to disclose yourself, all information received by Compliance Hotline are strictly confidential and kept anonymous. Compliance Hotline values your right to privacy on all reported information and will not voluntarily disclose, divulge, or forward any information to any outside agencies, government agencies, alliance partners, any individual or third party other than the designated recipient.

Compliance Hotline uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and other industry standard encryption methods, professional business standards, practices and technologies to preserve, secure and protect the information received and generated through our Compliance Hotline systems and processes. If you wish to remain anonymous, please do not provide any information that may personally identify or link you to the incident to you.

Compliance Hotline only uses the information reported here to provide services to its clients. By submitting a report, you authorize the organization, about which you are filing a report, and its affiliated and subsidiary companies, to collect, process, store and otherwise use the report and information submitted as that organization deems appropriate.

Compliance Hotline does not warrant the accuracy or reliability of the information collected, nor does it investigate or resolve issues or concerns submitted. You understand and acknowledge that the Compliance Hotline’s sole obligation to you is to receive your reported information and deliver the reported information to our client. Please be advised, that the client is responsible to evaluate the information submitted and to comply with all applicable local, state or federal laws relating to the investigation and protection of the information submitted.