About Us

Our mission is to enable open lines of communications so you can address the risks earlier in the cycle before your employees, clients or others have a need to report elsewhere. Compliance Hotline is a service provided by Exclusion Screening LLC. Founded by well known healthcare attorneys Robert Liles and Paul Weidenfeld we serve clients across the united states.

Our hotline enables multiple ways of reporting including online, phone, email, fax or regular mail. At all times, the information reported is:
  • Confidential – information reported is only accessible to authorized client management personnel who have a need to follow up on the incidents reported
  • Anonymous when the information is reported anonymously, the user can follow up to get update on the progress and the information is strictly anonymous. The user decides the level of detail information to report
  • Secure data security is of utmost importance to us. The reported data is encrypted and the systems and online interfaces use a secure connection using SSL
  • Ease of use we strive to provide simple and easy to use reporting capabilities and management functions